Our skincare philosophy is to allow the skin to absorb only Earth’s organic botanicals and allow the skin microbiome to re-engineer to a natural healthy state. Our multi-functional Skin & Tattoo Balm has been designed with 100% active ingredients (nutritious only), which is ideal for tattoo aftercare as it aids in tattoo healing and is also a deep skin moisturiser and conditioner. The refreshing aroma comes from a blend of organic essential oils rich in various aromatherapeutic benefits.


Keep-At-Home (KAH)

  • Biphotonic black glass – protects and revitalizes organic ingredients

  • Glass made from natural raw materials – 100% recyclable 

  • Reusable – return them to get 50% off unlimited refills


On-The-Go (OTG)

  • Press to pop up lid – easy to carry with you

  • Durable on the move – made with Tin

  • Recyclable