Our ethos for haircare is that hair should be nurtured with 100% active (nutritious only) and organic ingredients. Our botanicals have been selected to provide both penetrating & sealing benefits, allowing our oil to condition, moisturise as well as provide light style to both facial & head hair. The invigorating smell comes from a blend of organic essential oils rich in various aromatherapeutic benefits.


Keep-At-Home (KAH)

  • Biphotonic black glass – protects & revitalizes organic ingredients

  • Glass made from natural raw materials – 100% recyclable 

  • Reusable – return them to get 50% off unlimited refills


    • Strengthening & Antioxidant Properties - helps reduce the breakage of hair, resulting in overall healthier hair & texture (Vitamins C & D).


    • Conditioning & Moisturising - helps reduce frizz, boost natural shine as well as help treat scalp issues such as dryness and dandruff (Vitamin A).


    • Aids in Promoting Hair Growth – anti-inflammatory & antibacterial properties, aids circulation (vitamin B) & rich in vitamin E & other minerals that are known to help prevent hair loss and encourage growth.